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Hello there, I am Mary Ann C.K, calling myself in the blogosphere as Ann. I am a graduate student working towards earning a Masters degree in Computing and Software. I currently reside in Seattle with my husband. 
This blog is a creative outlet of my photography of the random stuffs happening in my life….

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Want to get bored ? Read some random stuffs about me
  • I endlessly sing or hum some music while I am not talking
  • Yes, I do annoy people with my loud songs and messed up lyrics, and people often beg me to stop..LOL!!!
  • I heart chocolates , but  not the bitter ones or the dark ones....
  • I remember conversations , but never register names, dates or numbers
  • I don’t know what I will do without internet at home
  • I wish I had the power to teleport myself to any place. That would be totally kwell !!
  • I like visiting new places... But I get bored of the actual journey... See thats exactly where the Teleporting comes in...
  • I like eating junk foods
  • I love the movie 'Sound Of Music'.
  • I recently learned to bicycle.
  • My personal best is 30kms. I usually stop at 10kms
  • I am known by three names, Mary, Ann & Ancy. 
  • Ancy being my pet name.
  • I love all my names equally… No favorites
  • I am a Cancerian.
  • I am very rational.
  • I love singing inside an empty hall
  • When something gets into my head, I won’t rest until I do it.
  • I get lazy when it comes to making breakfast
  • I am a poor navigator
  • My favorite colors are red  and black.
  • I never used to eat anything that is green in color, now I look forward to eating them
  • I love watching movies
  • My least favorite genre is ‘Action’
  • I don’t like roller coaster rides.
  • I like sketching sceneries
  • I like cheese pizza without any topping
  • I love eating rice with four pappadams....In fact I am famous for this in my family...
  • I have a big sweet tooth
  • I talk random silly things... I should have named this blog 'CrazyAnn'
  • I don’t eat red meat
  • I have the habit of 'chickenizing' every curry.
  • I don’t drink coffee or tea
  • Yes, I am  totally a  picky eater
  • I recently started seeing dreams within a dream, way before Inception aired...
  • I want to see a shooting star someday
  • I secretly wish I had magic power
  • Yep, I am a Harry Potter fan...
  • I’m from Trivandrum, Kerala, India
  • I used to have an Iphone addiction, but now I have a Mac addiction
  • I am a big time slacker... 'LazyAnn' might be another perfect name !!
  • I love Indian-Chineese fusion food and like it spicy
  • I always have space for dessert
  • I eat really fast. I can win competitions with this speed...
  • I like watching shows back to back... did I say I am addicted to Netflix
  • I literally suck at sports  :(
  • I listen to music while doing stuffs
  • I enjoy card games
  • I absolutely love food photography